Dirt 3 Ladder Rules


Game Settings

Get into a Jam Session with your opponent and Create a Game. Set the visibility to "closed".

The match consists of 3 events:

  • In the first event, the challenger acts as the host and the challengee acts as the guest.
  • In the second event, the challengee acts as the host and the challenger acts as the guest.
  • It's the best of 3 events.. so if one driver won both events 1 and 2, its stops here. Otherwise, the challenger acts as the host again.

Note that acting as the host doesn't mean you need to host the game on Xbox Live... it's just a role which entitles you to chose locations, car classes, disciplines etc..... see below.

Each event uses the following settings:

  • Competition Type: Individual
  • Rounds: 3 rounds
  • Discipline: chosen by the host
  • Vehicle class: chosen by the host
  • Flashbacks: 0
  • Track selection: 1 track chosen by the guest, 2nd track chosen by the host, 3rd track chosen by the guest
  • Rallies must be staggered with collisions on.
  • A particular location cannot be chosen more than once in the same event.

Advanced settings:

  • End race timer: 30 seconds
  • Assists: enabled
  • Catch up: disabled
  • impact ratings: disabled
  • Force manual gears: no
  • Force head cam: no
  • Allow vehicle setup: no
  • Damage: visual only
  • Session visibility: closed
  • Grid order: random

1 Discipline veto per driver:

At the beginning of the match, each driver can veto one particular discipline, which the other driver can then not choose. For instance, you might want to say "No Ghymkhana" :)

How long does it take:

A event of 3 rounds takes more or less 10 minutes. Depending on whether the same driver wins both events 1 and 2, or whether it goes into event 3, the match can take between 20 and 30 minutes.


If a driver gets disconnected in a particular event he loses that event. If he can't rejoin for the next even, he loses the match.

Climbing the Ladder

  • Any driver is free to challenge any other driver up to the number 1 who is no more than 2 places above them to a match. The match must take place within 7 days of the challenge at a time mutually agreed by both drivers. Both challenges and results should be posted here as comments.
  • The winner of the match takes the position on the ladder of the higher placed driver of the 2, the loser takes the position of the lower placed driver of the 2.
  • Nobody can face the same person twice in a row within 7 days.

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